Bank Terrace with King Oswald Lodge No.462

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Bank Terrace Lodge No.462     Consecrated 1839

King Oswald Lodge No.3306   Consecrated 1908

Lodges Amalgamated 2015

United Grand Lodge of England Provincial Grand Lodge of East Lancashire Summons Contact us 300 IMG_2494


Freemasonry is open to all men of good character, over the age of 21, regardless of religion, race, creed or social standing. We come together, in a non-religious or political meeting, averagely once a month. Meetings are held in the Masonic Hall, at a Lodge. Lodges are memberships of Freemasons, consiting of approximately between 15 and 50 Brethren.


At Accrington Masonic Hall, there are four Lodges, all meeting on different evenings in the month.  We often visit each others Lodges to show support and extend our Masonic Friendships outside of our own immediate Lodge Family.
























At our meetings, we practice what we call ritual, which in laymans terms, is a sort of play/parable, promoting the knowledge and well being of yourself, the stability and presevation of society and helping those less fortunate than ourselves. Each meeting is normally followed by an evening meal called a Festive Board.  We have many social occassions, charitable fundraising events and family involvement is actively encouraged.


Full membership information across our Province is available from the Provincincial Website which van be accessed at


The United Grand Lodge of England Website is and a PDF Booklet from United Grand Lodge can be downloaded here.


Freemasonry is well known for its benevolence to national and local Charities. We also have our own National Masonic Charity called the Masonic Charitable Foundation which you can visit here  and our Provincial Charity for East Lancashire, The ELMC (East Lancashire Masonic Charity) which you can visit here